My New Years Resolution Tip

Tomorrow is new years.

Millions have committed to various forms of self improvement…. After the hangovers wear off. Unfortunately, 75% give up within a week. Who can blame them? Sticking to ambitious goals is hard. Sprinkle in some (quasi) hyperbolic time discounting and the next thing you know, December rolls around and it’s another round of waiting until the new year. Full confession: I don’t achieve mine either. Usually, I make a yearly post listing my resolutions. This year, I thought I’d follow a well known cliche: “those who can’t do, teach”

I hereby present my unscientific and unhelpful tip to help you make 2023 the year your resolutions stick:

Don’t set resolutions: if you don’t set any resolutions, it is vacuously true that you stuck with said resolutions 

Still want to set set improvement goals around the new years? 

Apply a relabelling argument. If they’re not called “new years resolutions”, we can appeal to vacuous truth as above. 

Joking aside, Here are some actual tips from reputable sources

  1. 7 Tips from Harvard Medical School
  2. 5 Tips from the APA
  3. A comprehensive science backed guide from Stanford

Good Luck and may 2023 be a year of success.

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