• Claimed’s Basement

    Claimed’s Basement

    To distract myself from admissions doomposting, I figured I’d do a bit of writing. Yes, it is supposed to read like AI wrote it. Two predocs wake up in the basement of Littauer Center for Public Administration, chained to student desks. On each desk is a laptop sitting on top of an old copy of […]

  • Behavioural Economics in the Application

    Behavioural Economics in the Application

    When I pressed submit on the last of my uni application, I was elated to be done with what I thought would be the last admissions cycle I’d ever have to participate in; Last set of standardised tests I’d ever have to take; last time taking classes just to look impressive; last time in waitlist […]

  • My New Years Resolution Tip

    My New Years Resolution Tip

    Tomorrow is new years. Millions have committed to various forms of self improvement…. After the hangovers wear off. Unfortunately, 75% give up within a week. Who can blame them? Sticking to ambitious goals is hard. Sprinkle in some (quasi) hyperbolic time discounting and the next thing you know, December rolls around and it’s another round […]

  • Stack Exchange Approximation Theorem

    Yesterday at 6:30pm, I turned in my real analysis final. I am now (in theory) mathematically competent enough to do econ. Whether that is actually the case remains an open question… Over the course of the semester, we learned dozens of definitions and theorems. However, one theorem is a workhorse that got me through the […]

  • …. My Friends made me……

    …. My Friends made me……

    At some point, every kid has said “my friend made me” after screwing up. The adult usually responds with some derivative of “would you (insert deadly activity) if they asked you?” Well… now that I’m technically an adult, I find that I still do incredibly dumb things under the influence of friends. The difference now […]

  • To Skip or Not to Skip

    To Skip or Not to Skip

    So you’re stuck in a line… it is x people long.  You must now decide whether to wait or skip, and how many people to skip. The model is as follows: For every person skipped, payoff increases by a(x), a constantly increasing function where payoff/person skipped increases as the number of ppl in line increases. […]

  • Baking Models

    Baking Models

    This post is inspired by a comment my professor made in class I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about, making and watching content related to food. Not to brag, but my friends agree that it’s paid off. Model writing is a lot like baking. The flavourings and proportions may be different, but the base […]

  • America Rejoins the Paris Agreement

    Trigger warning: Discussion of events and stereotypes. Some may find offensive. Read before it goes out of date Countries sit around a long table in quiet conversation. France, Germany and a couple of the other EU nations discuss the details of a carbon tax. Sweden ogles over what looks to be porn but is really […]

  • Open Letter to College Board

    Application season is in full swing. While the rat race is bad enough, there are certain rent seeking entities that certainly make things exponentially worse. Here’s an open letter to one of the worst. Dear College Board, It’s been 5 years since I last used your services. I still remember the hours spent navigating the […]

  • Should I keep Working?

    Should I keep Working?

    Some time ago, I took an Intermediate Microeconomics class. The name “Intermediate Micro” is somewhat deceiving. Turns out it’s less “economics” and more “multivariate calculus with a sprinkling of economics”. Every problem set featured a series of nasty optimization problems requiring 10+ line derivatives. The week before Thanksgiving, the professor assigned a particularly nasty one. […]